Q: Why can’t I get the exact ride that I have requested?
A: CART is a shared-ride service. By that, we mean that we schedule rides to pick up and deliver multiple riders as efficiently as we can. This may mean that you will not get to your destination at exactly the time you have requested.

Q: Can I leave a reservation request on CART’s Call Center voice mail?
A: Yes, you can, and you will get a response to your request within 24 hours if your request can be met. If it appears your request cannot be met, we may wait for a short period to see if cancellations develop that may help us meet your request.

Q: When I send a request to the Call Center, will I get the ride?
A: A request does not automatically become a reservation for a ride. Every request gets evaluated at the Call Center to see if CART can accommodate it. A request will either result in a confirmed ride (i.e., a reservation) or a denial of service. Either way, the requester will be notified within 24 hours of the request coming into the Call Center.

Q: Will CART cancel my ride?
A: Once you have a confirmed ride, a cancellation normally is made by the rider, whose plans/needs have changed. On rare occasions CART will cancel confirmed rides when something unanticipated occurs like a CART vehicle breakdown. When this occurs, CART will notify the confirmed riders to try to adjust rides based on the situation.

Q: How can I improve my chances of getting the rides I want?
A: Two ways:
– Book early, as far out as two weeks, if you can. (You cannot book farther out than 14 days.)
– Be flexible. If the exact time – or day – of your desired ride is not crucial, let us know and we can probably work you in.

Q: What do I do if my ride doesn’t arrive to pick me up at the planned time?
A: Just wait a little bit. There could have been enroute delays. When we assign a pickup time we allow for a little variation. Your ride may arrive up to 15 minutes before or after the pickup time. If, however, you have waited over 15 minutes, call our Call Center dispatcher at 434-3569 ext 1 to find out what happened to your ride.

Q: Why can I not get a ride as a Derry resident on a Tuesday or Thursday?
A: When the Town of Derry reduced its CART contribution to match Federal funds by a third several years ago, Tuesday and Thursday curb-to-curb service was curtailed. CART will restore these service days to Derry residents when funds are restored.

Q: Will the driver be able to help me get ready to go?
A: No, but the driver will assist riders who need help getting from their doorways to their seat on the vehicle. Likewise, the driver will help the rider from the vehicle back to their door.

Q: Why don’t the drivers carry change?
A: For safety and budgetary reasons CART does not want drivers carrying extra money. Having drivers draw and account for funds before they begin their service runs would incur added time and costs to the service.

Q: Can I drive for CART?
A: Probably.  Easter Seals NH is our contractor for driving the vans. Contact them at 603-263-2056.  They have a constant need for new drivers for vans and school buses.  You will have to undergo a background check.